Stress-related headaches

Stress-related Headaches

Do you know that tension headaches is the most common type of headaches? It starts at the shoulders, neck and up towards the base of your scull creeping up towards the forehead and sometimes behind the eyes. Tension headaches is caused by tension of your shoulder and neck muscles, which pinches the blood flow to the soft tissues including muscles, tendons and nerves in the neck. This process causes decrease in the oxygenation of this tissue and buildup of biochemical waste products in the muscles resulting in more muscle tension, spasm, shoulder and neck pain and headaches.

Physiotherapy to release the muscle tension and the neck joints stiffness is the best treatment option for long-term tension headaches relieve.

During the assessment, our physiotherapist will assess your shoulders, neck and jaw muscles and joints to find out the root of the problem. The treatment plan is often a combination of multiple hands-on techniques to relax the muscles, release the joint stiffness and release any trigger points you might have. The use of some therapeutic modalities to help relaxing the muscles is commonly a very beneficial add in your treatment. Your physiotherapist will teach you customized exercise program to maximize the benefits from the treatment. One of the most common aspects of the treatment is postural correction as well to avoid any future recurrence.

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